1 Up Card Review

One of the most important things when dealing with retro games is the ability to keep them clean. Especially with these games getting older, with some Nes games being over 30 years  at this point.

I personally have purchased many a game that was supposedly “broken” or “defective” just for it really to be just dirty. The worst part of this is that when you unknowingly insert these dirty games into your precious consoles, all that dirt and grime gets transferred to the console!

So you may be asking, What should I do? I LOVE my games!?

Enter the 1up Card

1up card

The 1UP card is a reusable cleaning card for most cartridge based game systems. Gone are the days of using a handful of Qtips and hoping you got everything. The 1up card cleaning surfaces cover the whole width of the cartridge contacts. Ive personally used them on NES, Genesis, Snes, and N64 games with excellent results. Gameboy games can even be cleaned as long as you open the casing first. I recommend this screw driver set if you decide to do so

How does it work?

Use of the 1up card is actually quite simple.

First I recommend purchasing this kit if it is your first time cleaning your games just because it will include everything you will need. This 3 pack is however cheaper if you just need the 1up cards themselves.

  1. Apply the 99% alcohol to the side of the 1up card marked FLUID.
  2. Insert the fluid side of the 1 up card into your cartridge and clean both sides the contacts in a back/forth motion.

clean games 1 up card fluid
3. Remove the 1up card and flip it around,  now buff the contacts with the side marked DRY.

1up card clean snes dryThat’s it! Your done!

I absolutely love these 1up cards an they how I clean my games, so much so that I decided to write this review after purchasing them. I did not receive the items free nor do I receive compensation for this post. I do however get a small fee If you purchase from one of my links to be fair.

There are very few cons but they do exist. First would be that they tend to fit very tightly in Genesis games. Not a huge issue but definitely something to note. Second would be like anything else they do eventually accumulate dirt and wear out where you will want to stop using them an swap to a new card.

I do normally mark them however and use them and use them for more abrasive cleaning at that point, so even when they get dirty there is still some life left. i.e. Brasso

dirty 1up card
25-30 uses on this card

In conclusion, I highly recommend the 1up cards to anyone that collects Retro games. They are a tad bit pricier than Qtips, but I also feel like they do a much better job with less waste.

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