Month: October 2017

New Snes Themed 3DS Just Announced.

Just announced yesterday! New 3DS XL themed after the Super Nintendo. This one is Amazon exclusive and will be releasing on November 17th. I have been jealous ever since Europe got their Snes themed 3DS earlier this year (Japan before that), since there were no officially announced plans to release a US spec edition. Since …

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1 Up Card Review

clean games 1 up card fluid

One of the most important things when dealing with retro games is the ability to keep them clean. Especially with these games getting older, with some Nes games being over 30 years  at this point. I personally have purchased many a game that was supposedly “broken” or “defective” just for it really to be just …

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Earthworm Jim Review – The 90’s were a weird time.

Erthworm Jim Sega Genesis review

The early to mid 90’s hosted a frenzy of odd mascots and characters for video games. Every developer was just trying to hit a home run with some animal possessing heavy attitude, hoping to grasp people’s attention, or in this case start a toy line. Playmates, hot off the success of their TMNT toys, decided …

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