A Brief Overview on the 21 Games on the Snes Classic Edition.

The Snes Classic Edition is coming on September 29th.

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Much like last year’s Nes Classic, this will be a miniature console based on the Snes. This time It features 21 games instead of the 30 on the Nes Classic. The Snes Classic Edition also will include two controllers as opposed to the 1 that came with the NES Classic. Longer controller cords are rumored at 5 feet as opposed to the previous 2 feet.

Expect the Snes Classic to cost around $80.

What about the Games?

Here is the very exciting bit about the Snes Classic, the game list. There is not a single bad game on the list, (not that there were any horrible games on the Nes Classic) and many of these games tend to be quite expensive if you were to pick up the original carts. That doesn’t even include the fact that Starfox 2, and unreleased game, will finally be made available with the Snes Classic edition.

Now lets go over the 21 games a little bit to see what your money will get you.

1. Super Mario World

This one should be a given being a Mario game and pack in title for the original console. Super Mario World expanded on the game play of Mario 3, and introduced everyone’s favorite dinosaur, Yoshi.

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2. Super Mario Kart

Another no brainer. You can thank this game for the other 8 iterations of Mario Kart that followed. This is a game that held up well and will be great with 2 players. Just be careful on Rainbow Road…

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3. The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past

This is one of those games where there may have been a riot if it was not included. Link to the Past is the favorite Zelda game of many, myself Included. Read a full review on our Legend of Zelda games post.

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4. Super Metroid

Like Zelda, omitting Super Metroid would have caused issue. This game is iconic and follows Samus after the events of Metroid 2. It is a free roaming adventure game with many hidden paths and ways to explore. Super Metroid set the standard on future Metroid games and even started a genre known as Metroidvania.

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5. F-Zero

This may be a bit of a odd inclusion for some, but it really was an technical marvel at the time. A fast paced space racer with multiple playable characters. Only odd choice being that this is a single player game, and I don’t know how much replay value there will be there. I do like F-Zero though, it is currently in my Snes as I write this.

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6. Street Fighter 2 Turbo

I am not a huge fighting game fan but I have played a fair amount of Street Fighter 2. Still somewhat puzzled as why It would not be Super Street Fighter 2 the New Challengers, with the 4 added characters (which ironically will be on the Super Famicom mini in Japan). Irregardless Street Fighter 2 Turbo is the best choice available otherwise for the multiplayer fighting genre.

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7. Super Punch Out!!

I absolutely love Super Punch Out, as stated in our Super Punch Out review. The game is much different than Mike Tyson’s Punch out in round structure and the way super punches are earned, but that actually may improve the game play. Super Punch Out actually plays as a faster, more arcade style Punch Out. Another game that had to be on the Snes Mini.

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8. Super Castlevania 4

I did a review on this a while back, and was not super impressed, you can see the Super Castlevania 4 review here. To be be fair though I was way to hard on the game. Ive revisited the game recently after playing Dracula X and finally get the appeal. Super Castlevania 4 plays much like a significantly upgraded version of the original Castlevania, and it just works. With the ability to whip in 8 directions along with the upgraded visuals makes this another excellent choice.

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9. Donkey Kong Country

There is not much to say about Donkey Kong Country that has not been already said over the years by many people. The game is still great, granted if you decide to go for 100% completion then plan to take many blind jumps looking for hidden barrels, etc. Most people see the 2nd game in the series as the best and the one that probably that should have been in this spot however.

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10. Megaman X

A Megaman game obviously had to be on this collection, and the first X game was probably the best choice. It was the new generation of Megaman with upgrades and a new attitude to meet the new 16 bit era. Given the other choices of Megaman 7 and Megaman’s Soccer, the original X game was the best choice.

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11.  Kirby Superstar

Another great choice since this game is effectively 8 games in one. It all starts off easy with Spring Breeze, a remake of the original Kirby Gameboy game, to the longest game in the collection, Milky Way Wishes. There is even an open ended game that has Kirby Collecting treasure. Superstar was a much better choice than Dreamland 3 that was sort of just…meh…

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12. Final Fantasy 3

This game is epic. From a multitude of playable characters, to a truly insane antagonist that you can actually learn to loathe. Final Fantasy 3 is actually one of my favorite Snes games of all time. Some people would have actually preferred Final Fantasy 2 to have been on here instead, which is a great game in it’s own right, but I personally prefer 3. I would definitely say that both games should have been on here however. Between this and the last two games on the list, you would have paid for the Snes mini already btw…

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13. Kirby’s Dream Course

This was an odd choice when I look at it. I can only assume they were looking for an accessible sports game, besides Super Punch Out, and that for me at least explains the slot on the console. Dream course is a fun take one a golf game where you must “hit” Kirby into a hole at the end that appears after defeating all the enemies on the hole. A sampling of Kirby’s copy abilities are also used to get up ledges, etc.

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14. Starfox

I must say Starfox was amazing for it’s time and really showed off the power of the Snes when released. Today however it does seem a bit dated. The frame rate seems a bit choppy and the early “3d” is a bit rough, but to be fair Starfox really does earn it’s spot on the Snes Classic Edition.

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15. Starfox 2

Here is the big one that can draw people to the Snes mini. Starfox 2 has never been officially released, and even though there is an unfinished version floating around online (not hard to find, but you are on your own…), this is the first time the complete game is ever going to be released. The rumor was that with the N64 being released, Nintendo did not want to confuse people on what 3d should look like, and to be fair the N64 did have one of the best Starfox games to date.

16. Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi sure got his own game quick after his first appearance. I always tend to get the time line confused when referring to Yoshi’s Island since it features Baby versions of Mario, Luigi, and even Bowser. Whether it is a sequel. prequel, or whatever Yoshi’s Island features some of the best visuals on the console. Just get used to the scream of baby Mario….

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17. Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars

This took me by surprise when I first played it because I had no Idea what an Rpg was. Mario Rpg however is an incredibly accessible introduction to the genre with a compelling story that has many twists. Plus if you ever wanted to play as Bowser this is your chance. This is another one of the high dollar games on the Snes Mini.

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18. Contra 3 The Alien Wars

Everyone already knows Contra so I feel it does not need any further introduction. The 3rd game in the (official) series made the jump to 16 bit and has amazing visuals along with a really great 2 gun system. It sure is difficult however, so be prepared to die over and over again.

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19. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is an action Rpg. Think along the line of Zelda but with multiple weapons and playable characters. This is a highly loved game on the system so most already are well aware of Secret of Mana, which of course makes it another high priced game at around half the price of the Snes Mini itself. Another interesting tidbit is Secret of Mana is actually a multiplayer game up to 3 players. Obviously one would have to assume that will be capped at 2 for this release because I cannot imagine Nintendo releasing a special Multitap just for this game.

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20. Earthbound

Here is the Heavy hitter of the lineup. Earthbound is a game that need no introduction, either you love it or you hate it. For those that have been living under a rock, Earthbound is a quirky Rpg that seems to be set in the US for a change. It follows a young boy named Ness in his journey to prevent the end of the world.  At around $200 for just the cart alone, it much pays for the $80 price of admission with the Snes Classic.

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21. Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts

Last but not least is Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts. This game however is insanely tough and will cause you to want to pull your hair out. Remember when I said to prepare to die a lot for Contra 3? That is a cake walk compared to this game. The game however is quite fair one you learn the tricks and to not just rush into things however. I am sure the Snes mini will have save points like the Nes Classic and that will help immensely with this game.

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Quite the Solid Lineup.

Are there other games that probably should have been on the collection? Of course. For a system known for beat ’em ups there is not a single one on the collection. I really would have liked to see Final Fight on the Snes Mini. I can completely understand no Turtles in Time due to licensing. What about Pilotwings though? It was a really good game and showed off the power of the Snes especially for an early release title.

All in all though, there are really no complaints that can be had with the game list. The value is excellent for what you get and I am excited to get my hands on one. Expect a review at that time.

Hopefully they make more than a handful this time though….

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