Best Black Friday Video Game Deals of 2017

Black Friday is here again and is always a great time to grab some video games on the cheap. Whether they be relatively new releases, or even if its time to get a new console there are always deals to be had.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find much along the lines of retro gaming deals this year short of Gamestop’s buy 2 get 1 free preowned.

To help with the buy 2 get 1 free I’ve sorted out all the retro preowned games available for ship here.


This year is great if you are looking for an Xbox One or Ps4. Both consoles are available for around $200. The killer deal is a “free” Xbox 360.


Ps4 1 TB w/ $50 Giftcard $199.99

Ps4 Pro $349.99

Xbox 1 S 500gb $189.99

Xbox 360 “free” $59.99 w/ $60 dollar mail in rebate

Preowned Original Xbox One $149.99

Best Buy

Console deals are better at GameStop, $39.99 Xbox One and Ps4 controllers available


There are actually some really good deals on recently released games this year, some over 50% off. For this category, I am just going to list the games and the best price I have found. Any listed should be available for both Xbox One and Ps4 if cross-platform, switch prices can be different.

Walmart $29

South Park: Fractured but Whole 

Need For Speed Payback 

Assassin’s Creed Origins 

Forza 7

Best Buy $14.99

Gears of War 4

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3ds

Wolfenstein 2 pack

Best Buy $24.99

Sonic Forces Switch

Gamestop $25

Evil Within 2

Wolfenstein 2

Gamestop $27

Destiny 2

Madden 18

Gamestop $20

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 2.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

Knack 2

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Horizon Zero Dawn

Gamestop $10

Has Been Heroes Switch

Last of Us Remastered


Those are pretty much the best deals I have found, I have yet to see anything official from Amazon. Wolfenstein 2 from Gamestop and Need for Speed from Walmart being my personal highlights.

Gamestop starts on 11/23 and Bestbuy 11/23. I believe Walmart also begins on 11/23

(all links are affiliate links, meaning if you click and buy I may receive a commission. This does not add anything to the amount you will pay.)

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