Best gifts for Retro Gamers

The holidays are here again and you may have some retro gamers on your list that you just have no idea what to buy. Whether you need a Nintendo themed Christmas gift or something else then it is no problem! I have helped by cultivating a few gift ideas of the best gifts for retro gamers.

best gifts for retro gamers

KeyTendo Nes Key Holder

Everyone has keys. Whether it be car keys, house keys, etc. First up on our list of best gifts for retro gamers is pretty cool. Get the retro gamer on your list this key holder that looks just like a NES console so leaving the house won’t seem like such a chore. It even uses original style controller plugs to mount the keys!

Retro Game Coffee Table Books

In the last few years, large tomes about retro games have become pretty common. Books like the above Ultimate Guide to the Nes Library (that one I would love to see under the tree!) feature over 430 pages of content being history, reviews on every single licensed Nes game released, and more.

Nintendo even got in on the act releasing two books to coincide with the Nes and Snes Classic edition consoles and would be a great gift for a retro gamer. Now You are Playing With Power is a look at the 30 games on the NES Classic Edition and features walkthroughs and tips from Nintendo Power Magazine.

Now You are Playing with Super Power features comments from developers about the games and design of the Snes. Click to Learn More

A Modern, New Retro Gaming Console

If you have been here before and saw my review then you know I love the Retron 5 console. It lets you play 10 different systems in clear HD and even use your original controllers! There are also other options should you not want to go quite that big, however. here are a few.

World of Nintendo Figures

I personally love this large Metroid figure, and Im sure other retro gamers would love it as a gift, but there are many more figures available. Would be great for shelf decoration or even something to keep on your desk.

See More World of Nintendo Figures Here

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch really hit the ground running this year after a little bit of a slow start. Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched with the system and sold tons. of course the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe helped, and the release of Super Mario Odyssey (which was amazing btw) really got the console in full swing. There is something for everyone  especially with Bethesda releasing versions of Skyrim and Doom to satisfy the more modern gamer. There are also quite a few games on the nintendo eShop that would appeal to retro gamers and make a great gift.

Learn more about the Nintendo Switch Here.

Retropie Gaming System

You may not have heard of retropie and that is fine. Retropie is a software put on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. It allows you to load games from most retro consoles up to the N64 and PlayStation (n64 runs a little spotty, Playstation runs great). The kit above includes everything you would need to get running out of the box. Imagine the surprise on your retro gamers face then they open their gift and can play all of their childhood game sin one place. I do have a few recommendations however in the 8bitdo SFC30 to play wirelessly and getting a PlayStation 4 controller to play PlayStation games Wirelessly.

Click here to learn more.

PDP Pixel Pals

I cannot believe I almost forgot Pixel Pals! They are physical versions of your favorite 8-bit characters and they light up! My favorites are the Megaman ones

Check out more Pixel Pals at Amazon!

Retro Game Tshirts

Lastly my list of best gifts for retro gamers, we have retrogaming based t-shirts for the gamer that wants t to have some style and share their hobby. There are 100s if not 1000s of t-shirts available in all sizes.

I’ve done the work of gathering some here.

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