Disney Afternoon Collection Review Time!

disney afternoon collection review
The Wait is over and the Disney Afternoon Collection is Here!

I posted a bit back when this game was announced that it was coming and how excited I was about it. Now after spending some time with the game I am here with my Disney Afternoon Collection review. Did it live up to my expectations?

Yes, Yes, it did!

I picked up the Ps4 version just because I prefer the controller for this type of game especially after getting the Megaman Legacy Collection on the Xbox One. The Disney Afternoon Collection is also available on both the Xbox One and Steam marketplaces. Odd there is no Nintendo Switch version as all these games originally were found on the Nes.

The Disney Afternoon Collection retails at $19.99 and is only available digitally, which is a shame because I would have preferred the option on a physical copy. Not that I am disappointed as you get quite a value for that price.

First you get 6 games:

  • Ducktales
  • Ducktales 2
  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Talespin

There is not a bad game on that list. If anything the weakest game would probably be Talespin, even though it is still quite good. I wouldnt have minded seeing the Little Mermaid added as a seventh game, but you cant really knock the value. If you were to purchase all these games seprate you could expect to spend upwards of $500 as the two sequels are very high priced Nes games. Check Current eBay prices on Ducktales 2 and Chip and Dale 2.

Box Art Disney afternoon collection
Along with the games you get a load of bonuses like a sound test mode and a slew of concept art. My personal favorite bonus is the inclusion of original game box scans like the Darkwing Duck one above. There are even some for different versions of the game like the Gameboy version of Ducktales 2 (that is the one I had).

There are also new Game modes…

These new game modes are the Time Attack and Boss Rush modes. My favorite is the Boss Rush where you fight all the bosses from a particular game in order to set a record time. Some of these times are insane, with a little over a minute for Chip and Dale for example. The Time attack is pretty much the same, just you play through the entire game to set a time.

As for flaws, I cannot really say I found any. I like that everything is unlocked from the start so you don’t have to meet some sort of challenge to unlock the concept art etc. If anything I would say I ran into a few small response issues with the controls. If I held an arrow button, when waiting to start a boss rush for example, sometimes my character would not respond for a second after releasing. That may be a controller issue for me however. Only other minor gripe is a mix of game speeds. Like I got done playing Chip and Dale then popped over to Ducktales 2 but Uncle Scrooge just seemed slow and lethargic. Again not really a game fault, most likely has always been there just only noticed when playing back to back.

Disney afternoon review ps4
My least favorite boss…


So should you get the Disney Afternoon Collection??

Most definitely. For the price there really isn’t a better way of playing these great games. Coupling that with the Boss Rush and Concept art modes really makes it a no brainer.

Buy the Disney Afternoon Collection on Amazon for PS4 or Xbox One

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