Just Announced! Disney Afternoon Collection

Just Announced Today!

(photo credit of Official Capcom Blog)


Remember all your 8 bit Disney Favorites on the NES?

Well on April 18th most of them are coming back in glorious HD for your PS4, Xbox One, and PC with the Disney Afternoon Collection! (No Switch at this time).

The Games included are:

  • Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers 2
  • Ducktales
  • Ducktales 2
  • Talespin
  • Darkwing Duck

All of those for only $19.99! That is an amazing value, especially since the two sequel games go for well over $100 a piece! I personally already have all of these besides Ducktales 2, but still will definitely be picking it up.

Along with the games themselves, There are going to be multiple new game modes like time attack and Boss Rush, along with various art, sketches, and more.

I cannot wait for the Disney Afternoon Collection!


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