The Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge….

I felt like it was time to cover something very rare.

Above was footage the Donkey Kong Competition Cartridge. (ROM)

The Donkey Kong Competition Cartridge was used in the Nintendo Powerfest 94 and the Blockbuster Video Game Championships 2. (I actually competed in both sets of the Blockbuster Championships). Essentially it was a 5 minute run of Donkey Kong Country with some modifications. That I know of you start with 50 lives, and they had removed some areas like the treehouse in the first level. Points were given for many things like enemies defeated, bananas collected, Kong letters collected, Etc. At the end of the five minutes the game freezes and the score remains on the screen, from that point the system must be reset.

Time is up
Time is up!

The cartridge these days is very hard to find, I haven’t heard of one popping up in a while. I know I have personally never seen one sold recently for less than 1000 dollars. Ebay has no recently completed listings. Around 2500 copies of the cartridge were available, and they were sold through Nintendo Power. Personal recommendation is unless you are a collector and absolutely have to have it then don’t waste your time. Of course it is fun to relearn something like that, but I can’t really say it is worth it for a 5 minute snippet of the game. Especially when a copy of the standard Donkey Kong Country can be found for around 20 dollars. So in a nutshell if you really want to play it, spend your money on a regular copy and play the competition via emulation. Of course if you see one and have the cash, then its definitely at least a good investment.


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