Dracula is Back! Super Castlevania IV

Dracula is Back!

How many lives does Dracula get??
How many lives does Dracula get??

Dracula is back yet again. I do like Castlevania but it is not my favorite series. Ive played a good portion of the games but not all, nor were most all the way through (Symphony of the Night is an exception, Ive finished that quite a few times). Super Castlevania 4 is the first adventure on the Super Nintendo and it does look good. The premise is the usual, Dracula back and you must defeat him as vampire hunter Simon Belmont.

Yum Hidden Turkey! Wonder how long its been in the wall??
Yum Hidden Turkey! Wonder how long its been in the wall??

The controls are pretty good. B jumps, Y whips. and R is your subweapon. The stair climbing mechanic has been greatly improved and you can now jump onto stairs without falling through. (This is actually required in spots). The gameplay is otherwise classic Castlevania. Fight through the stages with some platforming and eventually fight a boss. The bosses are the usual for the series. Frankenstein, Death, and obviously Dracula are back, but they seem easier than ever. The game inst necessarily a cakewalk, but it just seems easier than the others. Anyone who has fought Death in the first Castlevania and lived to tell the story will know how tough these games can be.

If you like Castlevania in general you will like Super Castlevania 4

Super Castlevania 4 is quite good as a game, I just feel it is a bit weak compared to the others I have played in he series.  I would definitely recommend playing it as it is worth a play through. Id does get a bit repetitive and can drag on in spots which is why I cant rank it higher.

Id have to give Super Castlevania 4 a 6/10

It seems to run around 40 bucks for a loose cartridge. If your interested then Id definitely pick it up, but if you were saving your cash for some of the more expensive SNES games then it may be worth waiting on this one. I have yet to play Dracula X but Ive heard its the superior (and much more expensive) SNES title, so Id assume it would be better to play this one first.

Dracula goes down again...but for how long??
Dracula goes down again…but for how long??


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