Earthworm Jim Review – The 90’s were a weird time.

The early to mid 90’s hosted a frenzy of odd mascots and characters for video games. Every developer was just trying to hit a home run with some animal possessing heavy attitude, hoping to grasp people’s attention, or in this case start a toy line.

Playmates, hot off the success of their TMNT toys, decided to try to jump start a new toy line. Earthworm Jim the game was actually originally designed to sell action figures.

(Ill be focusing on the Sega Genesis version for this review)

None Really compare to Earthworm Jim…

Erthworm Jim Sega Genesis reviewEarthworm Jim is, well, an earthworm. You may be expecting me to say he is no ordinary earthworm, well you would be wrong. He is quite literally touted as a 100% normal earthworm.

However one day, a super suit falls from the sky giving Jim human like abilities. You know, hands, feet, guns, other human-y stuff.

Jim can now jump, run, shoot, and even whip himself at enemies now at this point. He will need all of these abilities because, this game is pretty tough.

Earthworm Jim was Originally released on the Sega Genesis.

Released in October 1994, Earthworm Jim originally debuted on the Sega Genesis. There was a SNES version that is generally touted as inferior in sound quality and the fact it is missing an entire level from the Genesis version. The SNES version of Earthworm Jim is said to have superior graphics however.

That is not to be said that the Genesis version does not look great. The artwork is a nice dark, almost illustrated look.

jim get chewed on the genesis

Consider Jim to be a combination of a run/gun like Contra with some platforming and even racing elements. The controls of the game are actually quite tight. A button fires your guns allowing you a medium range attack, but seems sort of weak. B button allows you to whip your head (worm body) at enemies or swing on pivots like Indiana Jones. C button jumps, and if tapped repeatedly while jumping then will allow Jim to helicopter his head slowing his decent.


But you said Earthworm Jim was odd??


Oh but it is! Besides the fact you play as an anthropomorphic earthworm, there are many other oddities. One Examples would be that a few seconds into the first level you just drop a refrigerator on to a board to launch a cow in the air. Another is the second level “What the Heck?” which clearly is designed to take place in hell, complete with lawyers as enemies.

Earthworm jim review

To really explain it, you need to play it and experience for yourself.


Is Earthworm Jim worth playing today?


Oh you wanted more than that. Then, yes. The game really is not that expensive, less than $20 for the Genesis version. For that its definitely a deal if you like this sort of game. Ive never actually played the Super Nintendo version so I cannot fairly comment on if you should buy that one in particular, however if it is your only option I can’t assume it is that bad.

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