Fall of the Foot Clan. The First Gameboy Review

Fall of the Foot Clan?!?!

fall of the foot clan
Title Screen

Lets talk about the Gameboy for a second. It was something that was quite innovative for its time. Yes it had its flaws with the multiple shades of gray on a green screen that didn’t light up, but this was something from the 80s that let you take versions of your favorite console games on the go. A lot of times these were even completely new games like TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan. Fall of the Foot Clan is a completely different game than the 3 on the NES. As usual you can play as the 4 different Turtles. If you die however (or captured as the game puts it) that turtle is unusable for the remainder of the game.

fall of the foot clan
You don’t want to see this screen. Leo is gone….

Fall of the Foot Clan is a traditional platformer, run through the stages defeating enemies and you will encounter a boss. Defeat the boss and move on to the next stage. The bosses are the usual when it comes to the Turtles. Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, and of course Shredder all make their appearances. (Bebop and Rocksteady are separate bosses this time). The standard enemies are a mix of the foot, mousers, and whatever those robots with the electric whip were called. None of these enemies are particularly difficult, much like the rest of the game. This is good however as the game can be ran through in about 30 minutes or so without too much difficulty. Which is perfect for one of these early portable games from before the days of saving.  Controls are pretty simple also, B attacks, A jumps. All the Turtles seem to play about the same even though you would think Donatello would have superior reach.

Fall of the Foot Clan
Rocksteady is here.

Fall of the Foot Clan is a pretty good game for its time, and is true Turtles. It may be a little easy, and the jumping mechanic may be a little off (the screen scrolls up now allowing to see where you will land at times), but it is definitely worth playing. Like most Gameboy games it is also quite affordable. My copy was 5 dollars from a local second hand store, and Ebay/Amazon copies sit around the same amount (used). If you like Turtles and need something to play then its worth a shot, just don’t expect Turtles in Time.



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