Felix the Cat NES

Felix the Cat NES – Retro Game Review

Felix the Cat NES

Felix the Cat NES is a game based on the character Felix the Cat that was very popular in the era of silent films.  Felix was released later in the NES’s life in 1992. It was kind of a peculiar release since the popularity of Felix the Cat had dropped significantly, as he was a large character back in the 20’s. The most recent related item was a home video release in 1991, which I would assume sparked the Felix the Cat NES game. The game is based upon the character Felix obviously, but his girlfriend Kitty has been kidnapped by his nemesis The Professor. The ransom is Felix’s Magic bag, which he has no interest in giving up. This leads to the standard rescue the girl from the evil captor storyline.

Felix the Cat NES
Felix has all sorts of crazy contraptions, here he rides a dolphin.

Felix is a platformer style game where you essentially move from left to right ala Super Mario Brothers. There are various enemies to be defeated and the controls are simple. A button jumps, B button attacks. Felix has various attacks depending on the stage and how many heart powerups are collected. Each heart that Felix collects (assuming no hits have been taken from the last powerup) will upgrade his attack and and allow him an additional hit before dying. For example, standard Felix attacks with a boxing glove from his magic bag. Collecting a power up will change this to a magic attack, the next is a car/rolling plane style thing with another punch attack, finally followed by a tank that shoots. Any other powerup after the top tier will result in a 1up. These “abilities” will change depending on the level as there are also flying, water, and space levels with the appropriate vehicles/abilities in each.

Felix the Cat NES

Felix the Cat NES follows a standard level structure

There are 9 worlds, each with a set of 3 levels and a boss contained in the magic bag at the end of the 3rd. There is one world that only contains 1 level but it is somewhat special so I will not go into detail. One last thing to be on the lookout for are the magic bags. I am not entirely sure what levels they are on, but you will happen upon yellow magic bags. The bags are entered like a Mario pipe and are worth hunting down as most times they contain a heart and or a 1up.

Felix the Cat NES
Felix the Tank

Felix the Cat NES can be considered one of the “hidden gems” on the console as even though it is relatively unknown, it is actually quite good. The problem here though is the game is sort of rare, which also drives up the price. Last I looked the competed listings on ebay were around 75 dollars. (there is also a gameboy verision that is also a little cheaper, but also somewhat different) I feel for around 50 the game would be worth it as it is actually pretty good, also it would be a cheaper entry into getting one of the uncommon games on the console.


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