First Day of Football? Sounds Like Time for Tecmo Super Bowl!

Welcome to Another Retro Game Review!

Today many people are excited as it is the first day of regular season football, I felt like that made it a perfect time to review Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nes.


Its crazy really to think that anyone would be playing a sports game 25 years later. I mean when is the last time anyone was talking about how sweet Madden 08 was? Probably in 08. These days sports games seen to be nothing but a yearly roster update, even with the high resolution graphics and all sorts of new controls. If these are forgotten so easily with all the precise controls then how can a game with two buttons be so fun???

Now I’m far from a giant sports buff.

I really only followed the last few games of the playoffs last year and that was mainly because the area was going crazy over Carolina. However, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PLAYING TECMO SUPER BOWL. I really think it is the simplicity and the arcade feel. Anyone can pretty much pick up and play this game as long as they can run in diagonals (shhh that’s a secret trick).

Seriously there are 8 total plays, no complications
Seriously there are 8 total plays, no complications

The best thing has to be the Cutscenes


These were cutscenes in a 1991 game! That’s insane! Just due to the amount of fun, the ease of play, and of course the cutscenes I have to give it


Its more that worth the price, so pick up a copy, grab some friends, play, and smack talk each other as the hours fly by. You definitely wont regret it!



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