Last Chance to Buy Crystal Pepsi??

This may be the last chance to buy Crystal Pepsi soda for years, if not forever. Crystal Pepsi was re released for a short time last summer, and there was a small window of a few weeks that it was on the shelves.

Now I am not sure if Pepsi had some back stock put away or what, but Crystal Pepsi soda has popped back up everywhere. Ive seen it at Walmart, grocery stores, and various gas stations.

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Crystal Pepsi in the wild at Circle K.














Now if you never have heard of Crystal Pepsi soda by chance, you are in for a treat. Crystal Pepsi is effectively Pepsi Cola with all the coloring removed. This is great because some people are actually even allergic to these dark color additives. Crystal Pepsi soda allows them to enjoy Pepsi, or even cola in general without adverse reaction.

The coloring actually has a flavoring to it also. Crystal Pepsi has less of a harsh or “in your face” cola taste and is more of a mellow flavor. I personally like this much better, as I am not a giant fan of colas in general. I do however heavily enjoy the flavored ones along the lines of cherry, vanilla, etc. but this is mainly because it covers a little of the harshness from the dark coloring.

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Unfortunately the first attempt for people to buy Crystal Pepsi was not that well received. This was back in the early to mid 90’s. The initial release was actually a caffeine free soda, and maybe that was the culprit. Maybe the novelty just wore off too but I do not know for sure, but that is just my guess.

The summer 2016 release did however contain caffeine this time. The soda was actually quite popular this time, maybe just so because people remembered it and have not been able to purchase it for over 20 years. Especially with anything Retro being hot right now.

This may may actually be the last time to buy Crystal Pepsi however as I have not seen anywhere stating that production of the soda would be continued. What I have notice however, is that every bottle of Crystal Pepsi soda I have bought since it reappeared is that the bottles have March 2017 best by dates. This tells me that these are all left over bottles from last year and not new production as soda has a relatively long shelf life.

I would definitely recommend everyone at least try Crystal Pepsi while they still have the chance, since it is quite good and I would love to see it continued. Maybe if enough people got together and swarmed Pepsi with requests, it could become a permanent staple in the Pepsi lineup up. Especially since it worked on Coca Cola for Surge Soda.

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