Is Megaman’s Soccer Worth the Price?

Yes, Megaman’s Soccer. You heard that right.

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It is no doubt the Megaman was a gigantic hit on the Nes and even did well on the Gameboy. So when the Super Nintendo came around you would expect nothing but another stellar adventure from the Blue Bomber. That is one of the reasons for me to do this review. Little did you know that your adventure would be a soccer game, and a quite expensive one at that..

I guess it could make sense.

Soccer is the most watched sport in the world, it is just here in the US that it doesn’t get much press. So it would only make sense to pair the success of Megaman and large following of soccer to try and hit a home run. (end of horrible sports joke..)

To be completely fair it isn’t like Megaman’s Soccer is a bad game, its actually pretty decent. Controls aren’t difficult to learn, and gameplay is relatively fast paced. The cast of Megaman characters also adds a bit of charm to the whole presentation, and quite the cast it is. Robot masters from the first 4 Nes games make an appearance, even some from the Gameboy series.

The controls are easy to learn. The dpad moves as standard. Y is your pass or slide, A punts the ball or tackles, B shoots. That is about it other than special shots that are performed by holding one of the shoulder buttons (can never remember which) and pressing B.

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The special shots are where the Megaman charm comes in. Every robot has a different shot based on their persona. Examples would be Fireman firing a burning shot, and Woodman firing a shot surrounded by his Leaf Shield power. These shots will generally incapacitate the first robot that comes into contact temporarily, depending on power of shot and the robot. This includes the goalie position. The power shot is limited in the amount of uses however, generally to 1 per half.

Megaman’s Soccer Game Modes

The main “meat and potatoes” of Megaman’s Soccer is the Capcom Championship. This is set up like your standard Megaman game. You pick one of 8 Robot Masters and play a game of soccer against them. You start with a team of all Megamans but gain 1 of each Robot Master as you defeat them. For example when you play and beat the team of all Woodmans, you will gain one Woodman to use (I highly recommend him for the goalie position btw). This continues through all 8 Robot Masters (password system like other Megaman games) and then Wily’s Castle stages up until Wily himself and the most disappointing ending I have ever seen.

Tournament and League modes are also here, and pretty much play as you would assume. Pick a team and play against other teams. League play is like your standard sports schedule where every team plays each other with a win/loss record kept. Tournament is a single elimination tournament where the winner is the team remaining.

Lastly is Exhibition. This allows you to pick your own team, what field you play on, etc and play a single game. This mode has the most freedom and is there pretty much to just turn on and play a game.

Should you buy Megaman’s Soccer at current price?

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I would say no to be completely honest. I do like the game, and recommend that if you like both Megaman and soccer that you find a way to at least give it a shot. I do not however think that it is really worth the current prices which start around $65 for a loose cartridge on ebay at time of writing. I personally think about $30 should be the cap on this one for value based on gameplay, but I can understand how a hardcore collector could beg to differ.

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