Nes Classic Discontinued????

Bad News, the Nes Classic is Discontinued.

Nes Classic discontinued
Gone too soon, glad I got mine.

Imagine my surprise to find out that Nintendo has officially announced that they will be ceasing production on the Nes Classic Edition. I have no clue why this is a good idea, being as the consoles have been pretty much sold out since launch last November.

There was so much demand that large retailers like Amazon and Walmart had actually posted times and dates the consoles would be available, each time selling out in less than 5 minutes. I personally have yet to see one in stores with my own eyes (as i would have bought it). I actually only have one because my wife managed to hunt down one for me for Christmas.

For those of you that had missed the boat…

The Nes Classic is (or maybe now was since the news of Nes Classic discontinuation) a plug and play gaming system that output in HD and had 30 built in Nes games. It was also later found out that it could be modified to hold many more if you know where to look…

Nes Classic Discontinued
It is so tiny…







There were many great games included and mostly it is one (and the best) per series. Highlights would be Zelda 1 and 2, Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3, Metroid, Megaman 2 (personal series favorite), Kirby’s Adventure, and Final Fantasy. The included game list covered many different genres, and really was a great collection. Full game list here.

One of the best things here too, which is not included on many plug and play consoles, is that the Nes Classic featured Hd output. You would think “Why would I need hd for games created before Hd existed?”. If you have ever tried to hook an Nes or other vintage console up to a current television you may had noticed that it looks somewhat…rough without some modifications. More can be found about that in our Nes Buyer’s Guide.

Bad things about the Nes Classic? Other than short availability, then I would have to say controller length. The included controller has a measly 2 foot cord. That is even shorter than the original Nes controller cord (I have and recommend this extension cable). You need to be close however since the only way to change games or reset the console (with the included controller) is to physically get up and hit the button on the mini. Other controllers like the original wii Classic and classic pro controllers can be used, even the home button will allow you to switch games (as if the reset button was hit). 8bitdo even made a wireless receiver like their retro receiver for the Nes Classic Edition. This allows you to use their wonderful controllers, Wii U pro controller, or even Nintendo Switch controllers!

So why kill such a great thing?!?!

I can only assume the reason for the Nes Classic to be discontinued would be something to do with the amount of money to be made. Especially since the recent release of the Nintendo Switch (review coming soon). Just doesn’t seem to make sense of selling units at 59.99 when you could be selling these same people a 299.99 unit along with some games and accessories.

Consoles are still available.

Even though the Nes Classic was discontinued there are still consoles available however, but it is going to require a premium price. Browsing Ebay today, consoles are selling anywhere from 250-400 dollars. To be fair some of those are modified. Click here to see current ebay listings. Amazon has some units still available through 3rd part sellers. Those as of today are hovering around the 300-400 dollar mark. Click here to see current Amazon listings.

If you are a diehard collector then I could probably still recommend the Nes mini at the current price, since I absolutely love mine. Act quick though, because since the news of the Nes Classic being discontinued, prices have gone up and will most likely skyrocket from here.

If you are not excited by the idea of spending so many of your hard earned dollars, there are many other options available for less. You can get the Retro bit Generations. Building a retropie is an option (planning on talking about this soon). Even if you want to play original carts you could always just buy an nes or the Retron 5.


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