Never Seen Someone Actually Beat Mike Tyson?

Have you never seen someone beat Mike Tyson???

Iron Mike is waiting!

I feel like everyone has played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!! at some point, but how many of us actually made it to Mike? What about landing a single punch once you made it that far? Well for those of you that have never managed the seeming impossible task to beat Mike Tyson then here you go…

It Can be done, and you can do it too!

He seems impossible but all it takes is some practice. The most important thing is to survive the first onslaught of uppercuts. Tyson will throw uppercuts at seemingly random intervals until 1:30 into the first round. Any of these that land will knock Mac down in one hit. Key here is when you see Tyson flash, dodge immediately. If you are quick enough you can even land 2 hits. The second half he will throw hooks, which hurt but no where near as bad as the uppercuts. You have to look for the wink. When Tyson winks he is about to throw a hook, dodge and you can hit him twice, or if you punch late you may even get a star. Yes a star on Mike Tyson! Round 2 will come and he will throw jabs for the first 30 seconds. Dodge these, he will throw 2 in succession every couple seconds. From here it it is pretty much a mixture of the wink hooks, with some uppercuts thrown in (no longer 1 hit knock downs). About halfway through round 2 Tyson will start blinking randomly. Punch him, he will either give up a star or go down. I do not know the timing for him to go down but I have done it before. If you get a star, get ready to block. Tyson will throw 4 hooks, you MUST block all of these or he will keep throwing them until you block 4 in a row. From here on out its just a mixture of all 4 items until the end of the fight.

5000 Points Are Needed for a Decision Win.

5000 points are not a lot, you get points for each punch landed. Also 1000 points are given each time you knock him down so they add up quick. TKO are very possible, as are KO. Ive heard there is even a way to TKO him in the first round…

We Win! Good luck!
We Win! Good luck!
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