Its Officially Halloween Season, We Watched BeetleJuice!

Halloween is My Wife’s Favorite Time of Year.

Now that is is October, we are now full swing into the Halloween season. This means all this month will be the standard Halloween activities with movies, pumpkin carving, etc. We decided to start off this year by watching BeetleJuice as it has been years since either of us have watched it.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

Tim Burton, you know things are about to get weird.

Being a Tim Burton film I will go ahead and say it is quite….odd as usual. Released in 1988, BeetleJuice follows the story of a couple who have passed away and become ghosts. When I say ghosts, I don’t mean like a Casper style ghost (great movie/cartoon by the way) but more of a human form. Basically the couple is that they are trapped in their home for the next 125 years. If they leave they are transported to what is allegedly supposed to be Saturn and it is littered with deadly sandworms. The problem is a new family has purchased the home and are changing everything about it. The deceased do not like this and come up with the idea to try and scare the family away. They are not very good at this being newly deceased and decide to enlist the help of Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice however, is quite a creepy fellow (being dead can I still say fellow? Anyways you know, typical Tim Burton). There seems the be some backstory here that he is trapped and saying his name 3 times will free him.  (also send him back if repeated once freed). He has an attraction to Lydia (the daughter of the imposing family). So he ends up tricking Lydia into agreeing to marrying him in exchange for help with saving the couple from some trouble (She is the only one that can see the couple, everyone sees BeetleJuice however. Maybe he is just better at the whole being dead thing). Thankfully his plans are eventually thwarted by Lydia as she rides in on a sandworm, which kills (rekills?) Beetlejuice. The family and couple decide to come to an agreement to live in harmony, and its happily ever after.

Do not leave the house!!
Do not leave the house!!

BeetleJuice is a good dark comedy and is definitely worth watching, especially if you have never seen it before. It had even stemmed a cartoon based on the movie, and also a video game for the NES. My only real problems with the movie are that Beetlejuice himself doesn’t have a ton of backstory. It is mentioned that he was once the partner of the social worker for the deceased couple. Not much has mentioned about him otherwise unless I missed it somewhere. The other problem is for a movie called Beetlejuice, the character himself doesn’t have a lot of screen time. I cant say he is really on screen for more than probably 20 minutes the entire movie. Other than those things (along with the 80s special effects, which I personally like but others may not) I would highly recommend watching Beetlejuice at least once, especially if you were a fan Tim Burton’s other works.


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