Oreo O Cereal is Back!

That’s Right, Oreo O Cereal is Back!!

Oreo O Cereal
“Don’t Call it a Comeback, I’ve been here for years…”










Now unlike some of the other things I have talked about here before, the Oreo Cereal wasn’t discontinued all that long ago actually.

Oreo O cereal was originally released in 1997 and ran all the way until it’s discontinuation in 2007, allegedly due to a branding dispute that rendered further production impossible. It did have some availability in just South Korea for a short while in the last few years, but ultimately again was discontinued.

That has all Changed However…

Oreo O Cereal is available to buy yet again, at least for the summer anyways. This time the cereal is a Walmart exclusive product, but is also available through Amazon due to resellers. Hopefully there will be enough sales to keep it as a long term item, but only time will tell.

How are Oreo O’s since the return?

buy oreo o online







Time to get down to what is important. Are they any good?

Short answer, YES! The cereal is almost identical to what I remember from the original release. Looks quite like an apple jack with a palate swap to be honest. Just instead of the traditional Apple Jack colors, now a brown O with white specs.

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Unlike many other novelty snacks and candies, Oreo O Cereal actually tastes a good bit like an Oreo cookie. Maybe not as strong in the chocolate sense, but still great none the less. The milk actually adds quite a lot, simulating dunking your cookie in milk.  (yes I know it is cereal, and that should be obvious…)

Where to buy?

Walmart has exclusivity in the shipments, so definitely check your local store. Otherwise you can buy Oreo O Cereal online at Amazon.

Just make sure to get it while it lasts, because who knows how long it will be this time…

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