Retro Game Review! Dr. Mario NES

Welcome the the first ever (and of many future) Retro Game Reviews at The Retro Corner.  I was trying to think of how I could start this, and from my first post there was only really one option….Dr. Mario.

Dr. Mario (U) (PRG0) [!]-0

Now to be completely fair and honest here, I was never really a huge puzzle game person. Even to this day there are only really a select few I can go back to on the regular. Of course one of these few is Dr Mario.


I was introduced to Dr. Mario at a very young age, in the 4-5 year old range. I saw it in the video rental store one day and of course, having gotten the original Super Mario Brothers with my nes, thought it would be very much of the same. Boy was I very wrong….

I dont see any turtles.....
I dont see any turtles…..

I would go on to rent this game many times hoping it would eventually become Super Mario Brothers. In those many rentals however I actually was surprised and ended up liking the actual game. I wasn’t very good at it of course, being between the ages of 4 and 6,  but it became very enjoyable.

The premise is very simple, throw the pills, kill the viruses. Line 4 of a color and they disappear. This includes the virus itself. The speed and level are adjustable to start, and both will increase as the viruses are cleared. Pretty much you just keep going until the “bottle” fills then its game over kind of like Tetris. Many hours were spent trying to get higher and higher scores.

Given that it is a relatively simplistic game, but very easy to play and a good time waster. Also it can be gotten pretty cheap. Id have to give it




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