Retro Game Review! Super Punchout Snes Review!!

Welcome to my Super Punchout SNES Review!

On this Retro Game Review we will be covering our first Super Nintendo Game! I have decided that the only right way to do and start with one of my favorite SNES games…..Super Punch-Out!!

Super Punchout Snes Review
Super Punch Out!!

Now there is no Tyson this time…and it is also a completely different game from the NES version (My favorite…see me beat Tyson). Little Mac isn’t quite so little this time which does take away from a little but of the charm, however it also brings with it a much faster paced play style. Gone are the Star uppercuts that are only gained after a counter punch. The replacement is a gauge that builds up after each successful thrown punch, bearing that you don’t get hit back. When the gauge is full you can either throw a hard uppercut or hook by pressing and holding the A button. The other option is rapid uppercuts or hooks by tapping the A button rapidly. This leads to much faster play.

The ridiculous cast of characters are back again, with some new additions.

Most of your favorites are back like Super Macho Man, Mr. Sandman, and Bald Bull. There are many others added but, even though the game is approaching 22 years old I do not want to spoil anything. All of these characters can be beaten incredibly quick if you put in the practice time. Ive personally finished the game well over 20 times explaining my Piston Hurricane time. Someone has beaten him in 5 Seconds!! (Link to supposed world records, warning spoilers).

Super Punchout Snes Review
Gotta counter the Bull Charge!!

The sound is also pretty good. Its far from number one on the system, but far from bad. The controls are also very easy to learn with just 3 punch buttons and the directional pad. I would highly recommend picking up a copy. The price range is in the neighborhood of 15-25 USDĀ for a loose cart and it is definitely worth it.

For this Super Punchout SNES Review I would give an 8/10.




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