Retro Holiday Gift Guide.

The holidays are coming and maybe you need ideas for the retro enthusiast in your life…

We are here to help with our Retro Holiday Gift Guide. Here you will gift ideas for the hard to shop for retro enthusiast / retro gamer. Whether you want to spend a little or spend a lot, there is sure to be something on this list that will help.

Less than $25

1. Usb controllers

A great deal of people play retro games via emulation these days because it is so convienient. Retrogaming has become quite expensive as game prices have inflated significantly, and it can be hard to get classic consoles to look good on modern tvs. This is where Usb controllers come in, nobody wants to play Super Mario Bros with a keyboard. They plug into your computer and just work. You can find usb controllers modeled after every classic controller and are very authentic.



2. Classic Tv Show DVDs

Everyone loves cartoons and shows from their childhood. The good news is most of these have the complete series on dvd and are quite affordable. Some personal recommendations are Captain N the Game Master, Dinosaurs, and Ducktales. There are many many more available, some as low as 5 dollars.



3. Retro Christmas Ornaments

It may seem odd to buy a Christmas decoration as a Christmas gift, but think of it more as something they will use for years to come. There are ornaments available for almost anything these days from games, to tv shows, to movies, etc. All of which are available for less than $25.



Less than $50


1.  Retrogaming Books

A lot of retro gaming books have come out recently. Some of these are collectors guides, and some are just art books. Then there are compilation books like the new Playing With Power Book that follows the Nes with interviews and articles from Nintendo power magazine. (some books available are more than $50)



2. Wireless Controllers / Adapters

This somewhat goes along with emulation and also playing on classic consoles. I personally like the 8bitdo line of accessories. There are controllers modeled after various Nintendo consoles (see one of our reviews here) that work on modern devices, but they also make adapters for NES and SNES to use their controllers or a Playstation 4 controller with your classic consoles.



Less than $100


1. Nes Classic Edition

The Nes Classic Edition is a hot commodity right now and is very hard to find, but would be a great addition for any ones collection. It is a plug and play game console with 30 built in Nes games and is modeled after the original console just in a tiny package. Also it uses HDMI so it looks great on modern televisions.



2. Portable Retro Consoles

We live in a great time, where you can take your original games with you anywhere you travel. Flashback 20 or so years and who didn’t want to play play their Super Nintendo games on the go. Added bonus to some of these are that when you get back home they hook up to the television for large screen play. The Supaboy and RetroDuo Portable are the key players here. Adapters are also available to play Genesis games.



3. Retro themed Lights


Who wouldn’t want the Triforce lighting up their room? There are many options available if that’s not your thing too like light up Pac Man Ghosts.



Over $100


1. Retron 5 / Retrofreak

We have already covered the Retron 5 in depth, but basically is plays NES, SNES, Famicom, Gameboy, and Genesis cartridges in HD. It is great for a game room since you can play multiple consoles while taking up little space.


The Retrofreak is the same sort of console as the Retron 5 but exchanges the Nes slot for a Turbografx 16 / Pc-Engine slot. This is a great addition because the price of those consoles have skyrocketed recently. The Retrofreak does run a but more than the Retron 5 however.



2. RetroUSB AVS

The AVS is considered by some as the Ultimate NES console. It does away with the finicky cartridge slot of the original NES and also outputs in beautiful HD. All of this is done without resorting to emulation and is completely hardware based. All of this does come with an added price however.



3. Rare / Valuable Games

Everyone has a list of games that they are hoping to find that are quite rare, or that they want and have just gotten very expensive. These games can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Maybe there is a game they keep talking about but cannot bring themselves to put the cash down for. You have to be careful if you go this route however as many counterfeit games have been popping up recently. An example of a game someone may not buy for themselves would be Earthbound on the SNES. Great game, but copies hover around $200.



That is just a sampling of Retro holiday gift ideas and many many more can be found. Hopefully we helped make your search easier.

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