Retro Toys and Games Spotted at Target

I was in Target yesterday.

Wandering around looking at stuff we found ourselves in the toy section. There were 2 end caps full of retro toys and games.

Board games
Board games

All of these games of course are still available of course as their modern day equivalents.  These are all modeled after their older and retro counterparts. For example, the Trouble game comes with wooden dice like it originally came with as opposed to the plastic ones that come with the current version. According to the boxes these are all Target exclusive but take that with a grain of salt, I’m sure they will pop up on ebay soon enough.


The prices seemed to be reasonable too at 19.99 (my Target, yours may be different). I know that I personally had the Payday, Trouble, and Guess Who games and mine looked identical. My sister and I used to play the pay day game all time as I’m pretty sure it was her favorite, even though she used to omit some of the rules….

They also had toys.

Only 1 Stretch Armstrong left….

Of course everyone still sees Play-Doh quite frequently, but whens the last time you saw a Stretch Armstrong? I knew many people who had a Stretch Armstrong but I actually had his Nemesis Vac Man and the Vactory to build his minions.

The spriograph was also a good time for about five minutes because you can only draw circles for so long. I however have a See N’ Say and I was told I LOVED that thing. I do however remember finding it in the mid 90s when show collapsed our storage shed and it still worked, Which is quite impressive for that era. The toy prices were also pretty reasonable.

Im sure its a marketing pitch for the Holiday season but, I would definitely consider one for a gift for a younger person.

The board games did say that they were Target exclusive, but the toys seem to be available else where if you did not want to shop at Target.  I know I’m trying hard not to go back and pickup that Stretch Armstrong…





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