New Retron 1 HD Console by Hyperkin lets you play your Nes Games in glorious HD.

The Retron 1 HD is coming later this Month.

Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console

Hyperkin has become one of the leaders in creating new solutions to your retro gaming needs. Their newest release coming at the end of this month is the Retron 1 HD.

The Retron 1 HD will allow you to play both NTSC and PAL Nes cartridges via a sitch on bottom of the console (sorry no Famicom, possibly with a convertor?) in 720p Hd. This is not Hyperkin’s first attempt at this however as the Retron 5 was a HD console. The difference here mainly is price. Where the Retron 5 was advertised around $200, The Retron 1 HD has a price tag of 39.99. That in my opinion is an excellent pricepoint, especially since it is hard to even find an original working NES for that.

Other Features include:

  • “Cadet” Controller. A design based on the original NES controller with a 10 foot Cord. (clearly saw the flaw in the NES classic)
  • 16.9/4.3 switch for changing screen aspect ratio. Allow you to play in original 4:3 ratio or stretch to 16:9 to accommodate your television.
  • Power supplied via Micro USB. Just like the NES Classic. Bonus is if you have both the ease of just swapping usb and power cords when you want to switch consoles.

This seems to be a great solution for those that love playing their NES games but don’t want to either keep a CRT tv around, Modify their console for RGB output, or just deal with a muddy image on their television. I may be wrong, but I do not think you could even get a console RGB modded for the price of the Retron 1 HD.

The Retron 1 HD is slated to release on May 25th and is available for preorder from Amazon. If for some reason you don’t want to use the HD, it also includes an AV cable as an option.

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