SFC30 Bluetooth Gamepad by 8bitdo – Best Retro Game Controller Hands Down.

The SFC30 Bluetooth Gamepad.

SFC30 Bluetooth
Its a very nice package. There is also a version with a purple/gray color scheme

(Purchased the Review unit in full personally, any links may be affiliate)

The 8bitdo SFC30 bluetooth gamepad is hands down the best controller I have found for playing retro games or emulators on PC, Android, and IOS devices. It is made by a chinese company called 8bitdo, but don’t let that scare you as the quality is amazing. The 8bitdo Sfc30 can be used wireless via bluetooth, or the charging cable can be plugged into a usb port and used as a usb controller. The controller is modeled after the European Super Nintendo or Japanese Super Famicom controllers, but there is also a version available modeled after the US spec Super Nintendo controllers. It is one amazing bluetooth snes controller.

SFC30 Bluetooth gamepad
The controller. It also comes with a very nice metal key chain.

The 8bitdo SFC30 Bluetooth Gamepad has a very nice weight to it and does not feel cheap at all. It can be booted up into multiple modes to work with various devices and settings. I personally have to hold the R button and Start to boot it up to work with my laptop that I use for my emulators. I have been told you can even use it wireless with the Retron 5 by holding L and Start, but I have yet to try it (Edit, Ive tried the SFC30 with the Retron 5 and it works great. Check out our review here.) It works very well with my laptop using Snes9x and Fceux (Personal best bluetooth snes controller, and also works great NES). Since my laptop has a built in bluetooth card, there are no additional dongles required. There have been flaws however, as every once in a while I need to power off the controller and power it back on to get it to sync up. Another note is that it seems that the controller must be synced up before loading the emulator, other wise you must close and reopen it. That was the extent of any issues I have had however. It should be noted that the company 8bitdo has also come out with bluetooth adapters for both the NES and SNES, which the 8bitdo SFC30 Bluetooth gamepad is compatible with.

I have even recently put together a Retropie console, and this bluetooth snes controller has worked flawlessly. Ive used it on Snes, Nes, and Turbografx 16 with great results.

I would highly recommend the 8bitdo SFC30 Bluetooth Gamepad

It would be great for anyone playing emulators on a laptop, phone, tablet, etc. It also can be booted up in a different mode to play some phone games that only have touchscreen controls which is a nice touch. (instructions included to set these modes up). I personally feel like the SFC30 bluetooth gamepad would be great for any gamer that would be interested in it.



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