New Snes Themed 3DS Just Announced.

Just announced yesterday! New 3DS XL themed after the Super Nintendo.

This one is Amazon exclusive and will be releasing on November 17th.

I have been jealous ever since Europe got their Snes themed 3DS earlier this year (Japan before that), since there were no officially announced plans to release a US spec edition. Since 3DS consoles are supposedly region locked, importing a European model would not have been an option even though it does look great.

The US model of the Super Nintendo 3DS will look completely different as it is modeled after that multi-toned purple and grey that we all remember so fondly from the Snes. Quite a bit different from the rainbow colored European/Japanese models.

This will be the first special edition 3DS console release here since the Samus Edition a few months back.

Differences between the Snes and standard 3DS models appear to be purely cosmetic. The Snes version does come with a download for Super Mario Kart (snes virtual console) so that is a nice added touch, especially if you could not get your hands on a Snes Classic Edition.

Like all New 3DS Consoles a charger is not included so be sure to pick one up. If you already have a 3DS and are upgrading, keep your current charger as they are compatible.

Pre-Order Now on Amazon

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