SNES Themed New 3DS XL is Here!

As a retro gamer, I can’t help but be a sucker for these retro-inspired limited edition consoles. The newest being the SNES themed New 3ds XL.

3ds Snes limited edition





Nintendo has released many versions of their handhelds commemorating the SNES and NES like the 3ds XL Nes Edition and Nes Edition Gameboy Advance SP. This is the first I know that the SNES has gotten into the act and received their own special edition,  and what a special edition it is!

SNES Edition 3ds console







I missed out on both the previous Nes models so I was sure I was going to get he Snes themed 3ds on day one. This particular model was Amazon exclusive and went up for pre-order in September. Now that mine is here I am ready to tell you how I feel about it.

open snes 3ds console








First, to get things out of the way, The Snes themed 3ds xl console is not technologically different from a standard New 3ds Xl console. The only differences are cosmetic in the print and color scheme. Besides the obvious printing on the outside of the shell, which is actually more of a matte finish than my previous red New 3ds XL, all of the buttons match up with a Snes controller. The X&Y are a light purple, with the B&A being darker. The power button is also a darker purple, and even the stylus gets into the act being dark gray.

What do you get with the New 3ds XL Snes Console?

3ds Xl Mario Kart

The included items are standard fare for any other 3ds. You get the console, instructions, and AR Cards. Like other New 3ds consoles, a power adapter is not included and must be purchased separately. You can get one on Amazon.  What is included extra that is not normal, is a digital download code for Super Mario Kart on the Virtual Console.  I probably would have gone with Super Mario World, but they probably didn’t want to double up since there was a limited edition green 3ds that included Super Mario World. What is different is that it was an actual card with a download code. All the special edition 3ds I had come across in the past had the included game pre-installed.

It should be noted that Super Nintendo games on the virtual console can only be played on New 3ds consoles and not the original line of 3ds consoles.

What don’t I like?

no theme 3ds SNES console








Being as it is still a New 3ds XL, there is not anything really not to like. If I am going to be nit-picky, then the only thing I would have like to see different is the inclusion of a custom theme for the home screen with SNES graphics and sounds. That not being included is somewhat of a disappointment. Being as there are no Snes themes available what so ever, then I guess it was to be expected. There were Sega Genesis themes, but that just felt wrong.

So Should You Buy it?

That all comes down to 2 things. Do you already have a New 3ds console, and do you HAVE to have it? If you don’t already have a New 3ds then most definitely go for it since it is the same price as a standard console. Now if you are a collector that just loves the nostalgia then I say go for it too, especially since you can transfer all your data from your current console. Should you be  neither of those things then maybe hold off if your console is working because other than a skin it really isn’t any different.

The SNES Themed New 3ds XL is exclusive to Amazon, click here to buy now.

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