Soo no Sonic??

That’s what I was thinking when I brought it home…

Is no one putting a stop to this?
Why are they mean???

I remember my dad had taken me to Toys R Us because I had seen Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose on sale in the ad that week. I was all about getting that game because it was attainable. When I got to the store however, there were many games at the same price point. (I feel it was 20 dollars). I remember seeing Tiny Toons, Megaman X, and this game. To this day I still do not know how I walked past Megaman X and left with Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. To be fair I do remember it coming with a Fruit Roll up in the case.

Stackin' Beans
Stackin’ Beans

MBM (Mean Bean Machine) is a puzzle game where you have to stack or link 4 of the same color bean to make them disappear. Its played in a versus style with an entire scenario mode where you will even take on some villains from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. (Sonic is nowhere to be found in this game however.) It is exciting when you do get to the point where you face Coconuts, then later Grinder and Scratch, eventually working up to the Dr. himself.

Coconuts is pretty early on in the game
You face Coconuts pretty early on in the game.


There is an “attack” mechanic in the game that is based on either creating chains (when multiple clears of 4 or more beans are paired together) or combos (either multiple sets of 4 plus beans at once or 5+ of one color). These combos help you fill your opponents screen (which is how you win, when there is no longer room for new beans). Depending on the complexity of the combo/chain clear beans will make a difference how many clear beans are dropped. These clear beans do not disappear when 4 of them are near each other, but when 4 of another color nearby are cleared. So the goal here is to get as many chains/combos as possible to fill your opponents screen quickly, covering all the progress they had been making.

Woo Hoo! I Win! Only happens early on...
Woo Hoo! I Win! Only happens early on…

All in all I can recommend MBM to anyone that is a fan of puzzle games. I myself may not be very good at the game, but I do find it enjoyable (I’m more of a Tetris Attack person). I could imagine fans of puzzle games or even Sonic the Hedgehog would find this game enjoyable. Its not very expensive at around 10 bucks or less for a cartridge only copy and I would have to give it a solid 6/10.



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