Super Mario Bros 2 Nes Review – Less of the Same.

Super Mario Bros 2 Nes Review.

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The original Super Mario Bros was a massive success. Odds are anyone who has ever played a video game, has played Super Mario Bros. Even those who may not have can recognize Mario and his iconic music.

Then why would Nintendo stray so far in the followup?

That is what I am trying to get to the bottom of in this Super Mario Bros 2 Nes review. The game is so much different from the first. With 4 playable characters, all having different strengths and abilities. Even Princess Toadstool (not Peach in the US yet) was playable in this game and was actually the preferred character by many for her floating ability. Also yet not a single mention of Bowser or King Koopa?

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That is because it is a reskinning of a game called Doki Doki Panic

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Yes, this was never meant to be a Mario game at first. Which means during this Super Mario Bros 2 Nes review I am telling you that you aren’t even playing a true Mario game. It actually is a game called Doki Doki Panic on the Famicom Disk System (Japan addon that never came to the US) that had a large amount of the sprites changed

The rumor here is that a true sequel for the original Super Mario Bros was released in Japan and deemed too difficult for US players. This is not the only time this has happened, we have even received different “Easytype” versions of Final Fantasy games on the Snes. We would later receive the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 on the Super Mario All-Stars game, titled as “The Lost Levels”

Super Mario Bros 2 on the Nes is actually a great game however even in light of this. There were actually multiple new elements and characters introduced here that would never have made it to the series otherwise. This was the first appearance of Birdo, and also Shy Guys.

Super Mario Bros 2 Nes plays much different than the others….

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Yes there are still multiple worlds with a few levels a piece, and yes you can play as Mario, and yes again a lot of the game is spent running to the right. That is pretty much where the similarities end.

No longer are enemies jumped on to be defeated, but a throwing mechanic is employed. Various vegetables, bombs, etc can be pulled out of the ground and thrown at enemies. Also enemies can be picked up and thrown at others to defeat them.

Also (generally) at the end of every non-boss level there is a Birdo fight. He/She/it (Jury is still out, most say female, but the manual refers to as he) will spit eggs, which are meant to be jumped on and then thrown back. Doing this 3 times will defeat Birdo and leave an orb, which you must pick up to open a door (shaped as an eagle) and progress.

This also is the first Mario game to introduce keys. The problem here is whenever you carry a key a mask will chase you and it is relentless. The only way to get away is to either enter the locked door, or drop the key.

Bosses are yet again different than the others. You have Mouser,  a bomb throwing mouse, Tryclyde, a 2 headed serpent, and even the final boss Wart, a Giant toad. Yup, a giant toad is the final boss, and you defeat him by throwing vegetables in his mouth (He does have a crown to be fair).

We weren’t aware at the time of release here that this was a different game, and it turned out for the best as it really is a great addition. So much so it did eventually find its way back to Japan as Super Mario USA. It is not as groundbreaking as Super Mario Bros 3, but most definitely worth a shot.

So to conclude this Super Mario Bros 2 Nes Review would I recommend you to Purchase it?

Most definitely, especially if you like something different. It i just so quirky. Mario really dreamed himself up quite a crazy dream world with this one (too many mushrooms suppose…). So definitely pick it up, even a standard Nes Cart shouldn’t run you any more than $20. That doesn’t even include all the re-releases or the inclusion on the Nes Classic Edition.

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