Surge is Back!!

Surge is Back!!!

Its back!!!

Before I even start the Easiest place to find surge is on Amazon. Its also available cheaper with Prime Pantry.

Surge is back everyone! Now I know I am a little late to the party, to be fair its been available for about a year now. It is available in retail locations, but at least around me it is incredibly hard to find. Early on I had seen it mainly in a few gas stations, the two Ive purchased from were Hess and Kangaroo. Initially Hess had it for a dollar a can so I bought 3 cases. Ive also seen it at Wal-mart but not recently. (I have seen photos of stock posted at The Surge Movement.)

It is still easiest to find on Amazon.

Short back story, Surge initially was released in 1997 as a Mountain Dew competitor. It was marketed heavily toward teenagers and adrenaline junkies. There were multiple heavy taglines and slogans. It ended up being discontinued in 2003 and became “available” again late 2014. More can be found at Wikipedia.

Soooo Green!

Surge is obviously a citrus flavored soda as stated on the can. The flavor is commonly compared to another discontinued soda Vault. (I miss you so much…). Personally the best way I can explain it is like an edgier or sharper Mello-Yello. I feel like if you mixed Mello-Yello and Sun Drop then you would be in the neighborhood as too the taste. I personally love it, I don’t doubt I could probably finish a 12 can case in 2 days if I didn’t force myself not to. 16 ounce cans are the only available option right now that I am aware of, hopefully one day we will see standard 12 packs, 20oz, and 2 liters.

Burger King shortly had a Surge Slush.

The Slush was available exclusively at Burger King last winter (2015). I was available to track down the slush after going to multiple restaurants at that time. I wont say it was disappointing because well, its Surge, and all things Surge are delicious. The only problem I could find is the same problem as with all soda based slushes. The carbonation always seems to be missing. That unfortunately is a big part of the experience. The tangy, bubbly flavor is one of the best parts. Now if the slush came back I would definitely buy it again because it was good, plus the more purchases the more likely I feel Coke would be willing to roll out into more markets with more options.

All said and done, I cant help but give Surge a 10/10!


Now if they would only bring back Vault….


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