Welcome to The Retro Corner!

Welcome to The Retro Corner.

A little about me, I was born in 86 and received my Nintendo for Christmas from “Santa” in 1989 and Ive been hooked since. Im a lover of retro things, mainly video games, movies, and snacks. I like the current things obviously too, but I feel a draw and attachment to the 80’s-90’s. I remember playing my Nintendo before I even started kindergarten. My Kindergarten teacher actually had a son a few years older than me, and we used to talk about Dr. Mario. This teacher had me convinced that once you got past the puzzle levels you got to run around throw pills at monsters like you were playing Super Mario. Took me a few months to realize she was making it up…..

This a work in progress and will evolve over time. It will be a collection of reviews, maybe some retro pickups, new related products, etc. Possibly at times completely unrelated things that I like and feel everyone else may too.

Any comments are appreciated as we all travel on this nostalgic journey together!


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